Car Tracking

In 2013 the number of car thefts involving keys rose to 90% (from 84% in 2012) showing the increasing sophistication of car criminals. CarTracker offers a range of car tracking solutions that protect your vehicle in the event of a theft. You can also save money on your driving costs and car insurance with security tracking systems from Crest Tracker.

Crest Tracker Features:

    • GSM Quad band
    • Wide voltage input range 9-36v
    • Vibration sensor/theft proof
    • Three SOS numbers in Maximum
    • Alarm when the power supply is disconnected
    • ACC ignition detection
    • Built-in battery
    • History, Mileage and speed reports
    • Internal power back-up
    • Easy voice instructing function
    • Cut and restore oil/petrol.
    • Real time tracking

    Crest vehicle tracking device helps you to;

    • Check real location of your vehicle through sms or online.
    • High rate car theft recovery
    • Reduced Insurance premiums
    • Online history reports through play back function showing where your vehicle have been for the last four months
    • Mileage report and over speed alert.
    • Voice monitor function through mobile phone.
    • Alarm when the power supply is disconnected
    • Geo-fence control to regulate movement boundaries.
    • Fuel consumption record.
    • Cut petrol/electricity when unauthorized person is driving your vehicle.