Fleet Management

Fleet management is the management of a company’s transportation fleet which includes commercial motor vehicles such as cars, Vans as well as trucks.
Due to rise in insecurity, high fuel costs, experienced & accountable drivers shortage, it’s now more important than ever to improve the management of your fleet so that you can lower operational costs, improve fleet visibility and enhance driver accountability and satisfaction as well as complying with regulatory legal requirement.

To enable you achieve these results, below are the features and benefits of Crest Trackers  fleet management system.

Crest Tracker Features:

    • Gsm Quad-band
    • Built in GSM & GPRS antenna
    • Real time positioning
    • ACC detection
    • Built – in Battery
    • SOS button for SOS alarm
    • Geo-fence function
    • Working voltage 9-36V
    • History, speed & Mileage report
    • Tele-cut off (Petrol/electricity) function.
    • Real time positioning – you can locate, manage and communicate with your fleet from a mobile phone from anywhere so that you are always on top of what is happening.
    • Ensure quick theft recovery– Crest System will help fleet managers locate stolen motor vehicles so that they can report its location to relevant authorities.
    • Receive Insurance discounts– many insurance providers give discounted premiums for vehicles equipped with a TR06N tracking system.
    • Reduce fuel cost & siphoning – Crest  fleet tracker reduces fuel cost, siphoning and consumption by monitoring fuel consumed against distance covered and also taking full control of wasteful idling, over-speeding and unauthorized usage.
    • Bill your customers accurately– Crest fleet tracking system allows you to determine and prove the exact amount of time to bill your customers.
    • Quicker response times– Helps you dispatch the most appropriate driver every time to get your team to your customers quickly.
    • Enhanced customer service– Helps you respond quicker to customer emergencies, serve more customers and verify job completion.
    • Enhanced organization image– Helps you keep a positive safety record which enhances the overall organizations public image and boost employee morale
    • Decreases labour costs and overtime hours– Crest TR06N tracker makes sure drivers are held accountable for hours worked VS hours they claim to have worked.
    • Improve overall fleet safety – You can monitor driver speed and utilize intelligence to reduce accidents and increase employees & public safety.
    • Be competitive – Helps you to compete with market rivals by implementing unparalleled commercial fleet tracking capabilities. You will be able to provide better service and the money you will save will help you lower costs.
    • Maximize driver satisfaction– Helps you keep good drivers through improved driver visibility and also reducing the amount of manual work that your drivers have to do.
    • Be more predictable – Provide customers with accurate delivery times and benefit from better vehicle and employee utilization at the same time.
    • Optimize financial management – Accurate log data allows you to create more useful profit and loss analyses, improves accountability, and enables better budget preparation.
    • Superior route planning – Smarter route planning and more predictable schedules allow you to stay competitive and reduce costs.